Breaking! Army Mechanic Uncovers Little Known Secret Of Soloing. Plus...

Why Jimi Hendrix's ​Obsession With ​LEGOs Can Help YOU Become An Incredible Lead Guitarist...

Hi, I’m Paulie Z…

And by the time you're done reading this letter you’ll join thousands of other guitarists who are now able to perform blistering solos that whip ​your audience into an uncontrollable frenzy…

And right here, right now I’m going to let you in on a spectacular secret about lead guitar that prestigious music schools, instructional books, DVDs and even private instructors (yes, including the ones who seem like close friends) will never tell you…

A secret that will immediately set off a ​chain reaction that will practically force you to see real improvements during every practice session…

Develop skills in weeks or even days that others spend years working on…

And allow your solos to feel like they practically build themselves

By the time you're done reading this page you will understand why countless musicians call this:

"The Most Revolutionary Thing To Ever Happen To Lead Guitar"...

And you'll ​discover why it doesn't matter one bit if:

  • ​You're hands aren't blisteringly fast... (In fact, you've actually got a HUGE advantage playing slowly)
  • You don't know any theory - In a moment, you'll discover why theory can actually HURT your lead guitar playing.
  • ​You think your fingers are too short or stubby to play lead guitar... A number of the worlds greatest lead guitarists were missing fingers, or had fingers so badly damaged they were unusable, so this isn't an excuse.


Because nearly every single instructor out there continues to teach in the same old fashion, slow, and Incredibly difficult way... 

And this is incredible news because ​You Will Never Have To ​Struggle to climb the same mountain as everyone else... instead you're going to ​Blaze A New Trail and reach your full musical potential in the ​Fastest, And Easiest Way I've ever seen!

How can I possibly be so sure the secrets I'm about to share with you are really so effective?

I'm Paulie Z, and as a guitarist and singer I’ve traveled all over the world performing onstage alongside incredible artists such as:


Twisted Sister


Alice Cooper

Dave Navarro

​And so many more, I’ve stopped counting. 

On top of that, I’ve been a guitar teacher for nearly 20 years. In that time I’ve taught thousands of students of all ages, ranging from 5 to 75.

But it wasn't always like this...

when I was learning guitar, playing lead was one of the most difficult challenges I experienced...

​I grew up in a musical household...

​My father was a ​professional musician, and he always had band-mates come over to jam.

​When I was about 7 years old I picked up ​my very first guitar, and shortly after that my brother David (who was 3 years younger than me) wanted to learn to play the bass.

​I had musical inspiration all around me 24/7 which meant I had no excuses for not ​practicing...

​If I wasn't in school or stuffing my face with moms delicious home cooked meals, you had better believe I was practicing my guitar until my hands became so cramped that I had to rest them in a bowl of ice...

​But no matter how dedicated I was to practicing, I reached a glass-ceiling and just couldn't get past it...

​Before I knew it, my younger brother David had far surpassed me in both bass and guitar...

​Then one night as I was washing up before bed, and I could hear David absolutely shredding a solo I had been struggling with for weeks.

​Even though I practiced it a million times, david bad barely begun working on it and he already had it down pat.

That's when ​a switch flipped in my brain...  

Laying There Late That Night, Staring At The Cracks In My Ceiling As The Rest of My House Was Fast Asleep - I Feel A Deep Pain Of Frustration And Embarrassment ​Punch Me In The Gut Like A Heavy Weight Boxer...

​​Even Though I Didn't Sleep A Wink That Night, In The Morning I Knew I Had To Do One Of Three Things...

1) I ​could ​pretend nothing was wrong, and keep doing exactly what I had been doing, and just hope to one day wake up being able to play how I really wanted...

2) I could give up, throw in the towel, and put the guitar down for good...


3) I could see this as an incredible opportunity... An opportunity to reject the B.S. that you, I, and every other guitarist who ​​felt "stuck in place" w​as told.

​Playing lead guitar is a skill that anyone can learn. And I choose to find the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to ​play incredible solos that anyone has ever seen.

​​​I Felt Like I Was Suddenly Struck With A Lightning Bolt Of Energy And Inspiration - I Was On A Ravenous Mission To ​Find The Truth...

​​Since my father was a professional musician I decided to ask him as well as his band-mates and other musical friends for their best secrets and short cuts to me learn lead guitar fast...

But ​sadly, what they told me was the very last thing I was expecting to hear:

"Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. The best music schools in the world teach the same way... You're meant to ​work as long and hard as it takes to learn, like the rest of us... The end..."

And just like that, all of the excitement and drive I had, ​were sucked right back out of me...

If world-class musicians ​couldn't find the answer, what chance did I have?

No matter how hard I worked or how much I practiced, my playing ability reached a certain peak and just stopped improving... I felt paralyzed and helpless...

I needed to clear my head, so I decided to ​go for a walk...

I made it less than halfway down the block when my friends fathers good friend Mark ran to catch up with me.

Mark was a former long time army mechanic and an absolutely amazing ​musician.

And What Happened Next Would Not Only Change The Way I Saw Music Forever... It Would Change My Life Forever!

​Have you ever found the answer you've been looking for right when you needed it the most?

Well that's exactly what I experienced ​during that brief walk with Mark...

Actually, that's exactly what I experienced THREE times ​on that walk!

​After a ​short moment of silence, Mark took a deep breath and what he said was one of the simplest yet most powerful things I had ever heard:

"Most people only need to know the basics of how to use their car and learn the rules of the road in order to be good drivers...

Other people spend years learning all about the inner workings of the engine, motor, and everything else that happens under the hood. This doesn't mean they will be better drivers; it just means they understand the science of what makes their car work... "

When I heard those words my ears perked right up...

Of course, it was so obvious that I couldn't believe I never thought of it before...

Just like studying how engines work won't directly make you a better driver, studying endless music theory won't make you a better guitarist!

You ​only need to know ​what applies to your playing at that moment... No more, no less...

This way, you're not wasting any time or energy, and instead you'll be able to maximize every practice session.

​Today had already proven to be a massive turning point, but things had just begun...

The Very Next Thing I Heard Continues To Stay With Me To This Day In Everything I Play!

​A few minutes later, Mark was talking about what separates a great lead guitarists from a generic one...

And what he said, was the exact opposite of anything I had believed up to that point...

"​In order to truly reach your audience, you can't impress them with speed... You NEED to impress upon them with feeling and emotion."

​Spending years of your life working on your hand speed will give you some fancy tricks, but most of the greatest ​guitarists in history aren't known for their speed.

  • ​Eric ​Clapton
  • ​Jimmy Page
  • ​Jerry Garcia
  • minus
    Tony Iommi
  • minus
    John Lennon
  • minus
    George Harrison
  • minus
    The list ​goes on and on...

Blisteringly Fast Speed Is Awesome, But It Doesn't Mean Anything Without Feeling And Emotion In Your Playing...

All of a sudden, everything began to make a lot more sense...

And Right When The Light Bulb Went Off In My Head Something Happened That Would Allow My Solos To Practically Build Themselves...

Because It Would Completely Crack The Musical Code

Mark was an Army mechanic in the 101st Airborne division in 1961...

The same division as the greatest guitarist in history, Jimi Hendrix!

Mark was pretty friendly with Hendrix during their time serving together, and he was telling me about how they would entertain themselves during their down time....

Of course, Hendrix would have a guitar in his hand at every available moment, But it's what he'd do without his guitar that was a completely eye-opening revelation...

Jimi Hendrix was obsessed with L​EGO blocks...

He said that they would help him creatively whenever he had writers block ​when he would work on new ideas for solos or even complete songs.

With ​L​EGO blocks you can build anything you want. You are ​only limited by your imagination...

And just like how you can place your ​L​EGO blocks in any order or arrangement to build all sorts of things, music isn't much different:  

"When You Think of Riffs As Individual Blocks, You Can Arrange Them In Any Order To 'Build' Any Kind of Solo You Want!"

​Stunned, I stopped dead in my tracks...

I knew how to physically play a number of riffs one at a time, but thinking of them as​ blocks that could 'snap together' was an approach I never heard of before...

With my jaw still practically on the pavement, I thanked Mark and ran home as fast as I could...

​I grabbed my guitar picked a few different riffs and began to experiment...

So long as I made sure to stay in the same key, the music sounded awesome no matter what order I played the riffs in...

I continued to add more and more riffs, and used them like L​EGO blocks...

Before I knew it, my solos begun to build themselves...

​And Just Like That, "Riff Blocks" Were Born!

Now, Things Were Really About To Get Out Of Control

I completely refocused my attention and focused entirely on 3 simple principals...

1) ​Stop trying to study tons of theory that you may not need for years (if at all).

2) Instead of trying to be the fastest or flashiest guitarist, ​using your music to ​tell the audience a story, make them feel something, and take them on a journey.

3) Start with a few simple "Riff Blocks"

The fact is, when you follow these 3 steps, it will quickly become ​Simple for your ​Solos to feel as though they ​Build themselves.  

This is ​how I became good enough to get to travel the world with some of the biggest rock bands on Earth, and perform live for over a MILLION people in Germany...

And this is exactly what I did to help become the musician I am today...

Now, I didn't discover the Simple Solo Builder by accident...

It was the Holy Grail at the end of a personal mission that too me years to complete as I learned, improved, and refined it over and over again in all of my playing.

All while watching other musicians struggle ​and fail to break through to the next level in their playing.

To prove that my new system wasn't a fluke, and that ANYONE can ​become an ​Incredible Lead Guitarist, I ​Began Testing It ​On My Private Students...

The result?

Well I'll let Howard, one of my private students tell you in his own words:

​The concept of riff blocks made sense right away, but I had some doubts if it would actually work as easily as Paulie made it sound.

Let me tell you, It felt like the handcuffs fell of my wrists and I had the freedom to play how I always wanted.

​Howard K - ​Photographer (Aged 56)

​I shared ​​my Simple Solo Builder with another student...

Then another...

And another...

And before I knew it, I had a ​slew of students from ages 7 to 70 all playing lead guitar much faster and easier than anything I'd ever seen before...

​Even world-class professional musicians kept telling me how much the Simple Solo Builder was absolutely invaluable for their own playing.

That's when I knew it was time to bring this revolutionary concept to life.

​So I went to work...

And after 3 years of continuously creating and refining this new system, I knew it was finally ready...

​...And Now For The Time Ever, The Simple Solo Builder Can Finally Be Yours!

Here's Just A Sample Of What You're Going To Discover...

You're going to discover over 115 original riff blocks that were specifically designed from the ground up to sound great when you play them in any order, at any speed, and anywhere up and down the neck of your guitar.

Including a simple Jimi Hendrix-inspired ​5 note riff that will make your guitar sound as if it's actually ​crying out loud.

An absolutely timeless riff that will allow your hands to quickly and easily ​climbing up and down the neck of your guitar like ​Black Sabbath legend Toni Iommi.

As well as a number of Eric Clapton's absolute favorite riffs for creating amazing and memorable solos that will leave people in awe.

You're also going to get a number of heart pounding riffs inspired by two-time rock'n'roll hall of fame inductee and founding member of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page.

You're going to make your audience's hearts race as you whip them into a frenzy with these riffs inspired by KISS guitarist, Ace Frehley.

You're going to learn how to take a simple sounding riff and make it feel so powerful it becomes the hook of the entire song, just like Angus Young of AC/DC was famous for.

You're going to learn how to think like a lead guitar player. You're going to be able to visualize the entire fret board, ​so it will all make perfect sense to you. 

You're never going to be stuck thinking about what to play next, because your solos ​will seem to create themselves automatically almost as if you're playing on autopilot.

And that ​Doesn't scratch the surface of ​what you're going to discover in the Simple Solo Builder.

With Just A Couple Of These Riffs, You'll Quickly And Easily Be Able To Create Unlimited Lead Runs And Solos

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Lead Guitar Primer

Retail Value: $99.95

​In order to make sure you will have no problem playing all of your riff blocks, no matter what skill level you're at, the Lead Guitar Primer is ​here for you.

​Every single technique in the Simple Solo Builder course has been broken down to its core and will be taught to you one by one, which means you'll never feel like something is too difficult.

​​90+ Original Riff Blocks

Retail Value: $99.95

​Since the core of the Simple Solo Builder was designed around the Riff Blocks, I wanted to give you the largest selection you'll ever need.

​These Riff Blocks were designed to sound great no matter which ones you play, in what order, or where on the fretboard you play them. This means you'll never run out of the kinds of solos you can play anytime you want.

​25+ Signature Riff Blocks

Retail Value: $99.95

​You're also going to receive over 25 Signature Riff Blocks that were designed to help you sound just like some of the greatest guitarists in rock n' roll history.

​Just some of the musicians you're going to sound like include: Angus Young, Slash, Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, ​Santana, and more!

Bonus #1 - Minor Pentatonic Mastery

Retail Value: $99.95

This special scale is used in 95% of all blues, rock, classic rock, and heavy metal songs and will work as a foundation for all of your lead playing.

Knowing this one scale will allow you to let your hands smoothly fly anywhere you want on the guitar without ever worrying about hitting a bad note.

Bonus #2: Fretboard Freedom

Retail Value: $99.95

You're going to discover how to quickly and easily take all of your riffs and transpose them so you can play them in any key you want up and down the entire fret board.

This means your playing will never be limited, and you'll never have not rely on playing only certain kinds of music in order to really shine.

Bonus #3: Daily Workout Routine

Retail Value: $49.95

You're going to discover the exercises and techniques professionals use to help you build perfect accuracy and lightning fast speed.

By taking ​a ​few minutes at the ​start of each practice session to go over these exercises, you're going to quickly begin noticing your hands becoming lightning fast before you know it.

Bonus #4: Printable Tablature eBook

Retail Value: $24.95

This eBook has absolutely every riff, scale, technique, exercise, and everything else in this course.

​You'll never get lost or confused since you'll have everything written down and right in front of you anytime you need it.

Bonus #5: MP3 Jam Tracks

Retail Value: $49.95

We've asked your in-house rock band to create these exclusive Super Live Jam Track MP3s.

This means when you're practicing, it'll ​ sound like you're playing with a real rock band because, well, you will be.

Bonus #6: ​24/7 Customer Support Access

Retail Value: $49.95

You're also going to have 24/7 access to our friendly support staff, so if you have any questions or concerns at all, drop us a line by emailing and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Own The Entire Simple Solo System & All 6 Exclusive Bonuses For 1 Easy Payment of Only $47

If You've Ever Wanted To Blow Peoples Minds With Incredible Lead Guitar Solos, This May Be The Best Program For You Ever Created!


You're always protected by my unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

So if for any reason at all you don't feel that the Simple Solo Builder isn't the perfect fit for you, just contact our friendly customer support team by emailing, and we'll gladly refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked.

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Total Retail Value $624.65 Yours For JUST 1 Easy Payment of $47 


About Paulie Z

I'm Paulie Z, founder of Rock Guitar Mastery and your head instructor for the Simple Solo System.

As a guitarist and singer, I've gotten to travel all over the world performing onstage alongside incredible artists such as KISS, Twisted Sister, Poison, Alice Cooper, Dave Navarro, and so many more, I've stopped counting.

And while that's been an amazing experience, the thing that should matter to you is the fact that I've been a guitar teacher for nearly 20 years. In that time, I'
ve taught thousands of students of all ages, ranging from 5 to 75 years old.

This means that not only have I walked the walk, but my students see amazing results from my teaching. And those are two important traits that no other online guitar instructor can say they've ever achieved.

Here's Everything You're Going To Receive Today!

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