Lead Guitar Primer

In this section you are going to learn how to perform all of the individual techniques that are used in this course. Take your time, and don't go too fast.

 Daily Workout Routine

Practicing these exercises for a few minutes every day at the beginning of your playing to increase your speed and accuracy while also helping your hands to become in in sync with each other.

Riff Blocks

Click here to start learning and mastering all of your exclusive Riff Blocks & Signature Riff Blocks. These are the riffs you will use to create your solos.

Minor Pentatonic Mastery

The Minor Pentatonic Scale is used in over 95% of all rock, blues, and heavy metal music. Here, you will learn how to let your hands quickly and easily fly all over the fretboard using this incredibly versatile scale.

Fretboard Freedom

In this exclusive training series, you're going to learn how to transpose all of your riffs to different keys and give your playing total freedom over every part of the fretboard. So you'll never feel locked into one position.

Become Amazing At Guitar Solos