Revealed: How Even A Beginner Can Jam With Experienced Pros.​

Hi, I'm Paulie Z.

And ​in the 20 years I've been teaching​ thousands of students of all ages how to play awesome rock guitar, I've found that nearly all of my students have the most fun AND improve their skills the fastest from the exact same thing!

​And when you learn this skill, not only ​will you see your skills as a guitarist skyrocket...

You will also HAVE AN ABSOLUTE BLAST at the same time.

​You Can Stop Practicing Nothing But Boring Scales And Hand-Numbing Exercises To Get Better.

When it comes to truly improving your skills as a musician, there are only a handful of ways that you can practice.

​If you're like most musicians, you probably rely ​on a metronome or drum machine...

It's true that both of those tools can help you greatly develop your skills...

But at the end of the day if you're not playing with other musicians, it's no different than spending all your time in the batting cages and never playing a real game....

So What Is The One Skill That Takes Your Playing To The Next Level While You Get To Enjoy Some Serious Fun At The Same Time?

​This awesome skill ​is one you're familiar with, and maybe even gotten to try out for yourself...

I'm talking about: Jamming With Other Musicians!

Here's Why Jamming With Other Musicians Is The Most Important Skill Of All

  • ​​Get better - FAST! By playing with musicians who are better than you, your skills will rapidly improve.
  • ​Jamming lets come up with new licks, riffs, and lead runs without messing up in front of an audience.
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    ​Using your rhythm patterns, chords, riffs, scales, and ability to improvise, not only puts all your skills to the test, it also helps you tie them all together so you become a complete and well-rounded musician.  
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    ​Jamming creates chemistry ​that can't be faked, no matter how technically skilled you might be
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    Many of your favorite songs were created during jam sessions. Since you and your jam mates are free to experiment with new ideas along side one another, it's very common to "stumble upon" your next hit song.
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    ​Jamming helps eliminate stage fright by allowing you to master your songs, "power poses", and cool moves with band mates.
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    ​Start or join a band! - One day you​'ll be enjoying a jam session with friends, and play so well together you decide to form a band.
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    ​Jamming keeps you on your toes. Nobody can keep time as perfectly as a metronome, so as your jam sessions natually speeds up or slows down, you'll ​have to focus in order to stay in sync.
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    Jamming expands creativity and imagination that you use in all areas of life.
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    ​No more feeling like you stopped making progress. Every time you get together with other musicians to jam, ​you'll automatically pick up a few new tricks and techniques, while also refining what you already know.
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    ​​​It's just flat out f'ing fun! Seriously, what could be more fun than rocking out with a few friends.

Unfortunately, I've Got Some Bad New For You...

​It's pretty clear to see why a good jam session can be the ultimate tool to help bring out your full musical potential...

However, ​there is one CRITICAL thing you need to be aware of...

If you get invited to join a jam session and you can't keep up...

You play too many bad notes...

You're constantly playing in the wrong key...

If you're rhythm and timing feels out of place or throws off the other musicians...

Or if you're constantly repeating the same tired old riff, licks, and lead runs...

You May Never Get Invited To Jam With Them Again!

​I've seen this happen first hand more times than I can count...

A relatively new guitarist excited jumps in to one of their first few jam sessions...

Yet despite their best efforts, they are clearly out-classed by far more experienced musicians...

And the shame, embarrassment, and frustration they feel by bringing down the other musicians, and clearly ruining the jam session isn't even the worst part...

The ​worst part comes a few days later when they realize that they will never get invited back to jam with their friends again...

Music is meant to be a social activity the brings people together as a fun and creative form of expression...

So when a ​guitarist is no longer invited to join other musicians, many of them unfortunately put the guitar down for good...

​​This is exactly why...

I Wan​t To Introduce You To My Brand New Course:

​Jam With Anyone

Here's Just A Sample Of Why You're Going To Discover Inside:

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    Right away, you're going to discover ​a brand new concept in learning guitar knows as Pivot Points, and how you can use ​this "Swiss Army Knife" like tool as the foundation of all your solos, lead runs, and jam sessions and never hit a bad note. ​
  • 2
    You’ll also discover ​how to move your new Pivot Points anywhere you want on the fret board so you have total freedom and never feel boxed or stuck playing the same things over and over.
  • 3
    ​How to give yourself "2 notes for the price of 1". This trick alone will allow you to add TONS more personal style and flavor to everything you play (not just your next jam session). 
  • 4
    ​I will also give you a ton of examples for cool licks you can use all over the fret board, and in a variety of tempos and rhythms. This will help ensure your playing is always fresh and exciting, and you never run out of ideas or have to rely on the same old riffs every time you take the lead.
  • 5
    ​I then walk you through a typical jam session. From top to bottom, you’re going to get a feel for how jam sessions are structured so you’ll know when to take over the lead, when to let someone else jump in, and everything else so there's no surprises, and you sound as if you’ve been doing this ​for years (even if it’s your very first time jamming with other musicians).
  • 6
    ​In this video, you’re going to dive deep into the mind of a professional musician when the pressure to perform is on. When you understand how our minds work every step of the way, you’ll immediately be able to put yourself in much more ready and prepared state that’s going to help you advance to that next level of guitarist.
  • 7
    And yes! You’ll be able to master all of this, even if ​you've never played live with other musicians!

You Must Agree, If You Want To Take Your Guitar Skills To The Next Level While ​Enjoying The Fun Of ​Jamming With Others, There's No Better ​Training Than "Jam With Anyone"

And no, this won’t take you months, weeks, days, or even hours to learn and master…

You’re going to be able to download this ​training directly to your brain, and begin to put it into action within just a few minutes!

I don't think it's any secret that a ​most of the time when you're playing with other musicians won't be on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans…

Or inside a recording studio producing your next smash hit album...

​The ​majority of the time you'll spend with playing with other musicians will be during jam sessions, playing the music you enjoy.​

And ​to be able to make the most of your jams, you don’t need to study theory for decades, and come up symphony level arrangements in order to sound great…

You just need ​a few simple tricks and techniques at your disposal, AND know just how to use them ​to jam like the pros. 

And as a professional rock guitarist and teacher of over 20 years, I'm the absolute perfect person to deliver this level of training to you.

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Printable Tablature PDF eBook

You’re also going to receive our​ downloadable and printable PDF eBook with everything covered in the training, so you’ll always have it at your fingertips.

Having everything on paper will save you tons of time and eliminate any confusion so you can simply focus on playing and sounding great.

​Perfect ​Blues Rock Jam Rhythm

Learning to take the lead and run with it during your jam sessions is an invaluable skill to develop​. But there's one final piece of the puzzle, and that's rhythm!

That's exactly why you are also going to receive our one of a kind video which will teach you a ​timeless blues rock rhythm ​that can be used nearly universally in any rock, hard rock, or heavy metal jam session.​

Exclusive Backing Track

To help you rock out while practicing your new guitar skills, you're also going to receive ​the exact MP3 backing track I use during the ​training video. ​I personally composed this backing track to sound awesome ​when you practice everything you learned, or decide to jam out on your own. 

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All that I ask is that you give me an honest effort, really go through the information and put it to the test by picking up your guitar, and start playing while using what I showed you.


How Is That For Fair?

This means you either improve your playing, and begin having more fun with your guitar, or you get every penny refunded to you right away and lose absolutely nothing.

But with that said, there’s one thing to keep in mind:

This Amazing Deal Won't Last For Very Long

I can't stress enough that this offer is extremely time-sensitive.

Here's why…

Above everything else, your playing won’t improve as long as your guitar is sitting in the corner collecting dust. 

I want to help people who are serious about becoming better musicians. And if I made this offer available forever, there’s a good chance you’d tell yourself “I’ll check it out tomorrow… I’ll have some free time next week… or, I can come back whenever and give it a shot.”

And those are exactly the types of students I DON’T want…

So, to make sure I only share this training with guitarists (of all skill levels) who are actually dedicated to taking their playing to the next level, I've decided to only make a small number of copies of this video training lesson available to the general public.

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Let's Recap - Here's Everything You're Going To Receive Today!

​Jam With Anyone Training Video

You're going to get instant access to your exclusive ​Jam With Anyone training video. You'll be able to watch it online using any PC, Mac, Tablet, or smart phone, and download it directly to your computer. ​This training will have you ready ​to rock at your next jam session before you know it.


3 Exclusive FREE Bonuses

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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About Paulie Z, Your Lead Instructor

As a guitarist and singer Paulie Z has gotten to travel all over the world performing onstage alongside incredible artists such as KISS, Twisted Sister, Poison, Alice Cooper, Dave Navaro, and so many more, he's stopped counting.

Paulie has released numerous albums with his former band Z02, starred in a TV show based on his life as a musician and children's entertainer, hosted a wildly popular Podcast, has had multiple songs in big budget Hollywood movies, won numerous music awards, and has been asked to sing the national anthem before some of the largest sporting events in the country.

And while that’s been an amazing experience, the thing that should matter to you is the fact that Paulie has been a guitar teacher for nearly 20 years. In that time He's taught thousands of students of all ages, ranging from 5 to 75 years old.

Paulie has spent a number of years reverse engineering the secret techniques that professionals use to learn new songs incredibly quickly, and rapidly improve their abilities as a guitarist.

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